Bawean has a european history meeting the traditional and modern concept of ambience, food and bakery with a selective ingredient is affect to the quality but have resonable price."
Nougat Roll - "With this rolled sponge cake product, we broke the record in 2006 with its length of 60 meters. This is a superior product with sponge cake that is made from fresh eggs, adding to the sensation of vanilla sponge cake layered by homemade rum pudding and given a mocha cream and then spread with peanut nougat"
Mocca Taart - "This product, which has been legendary from generation to generation, is made from two layers of vanilla sponge cake layered with special butter, our homemade rum filling and decorated with mocha cream and chocolate icing and topped with a red cherry."
Chocolade Waffel - "Home-made wafer cookie smeared in dark chocolate."
New Bawean Resto - "Try our new concept and menu at Gandapura Street 43rd, Bandung INDONESIA"